Planning For When TSHTF — And Afterwards!

OK, Patriots — this is on a serious note.

I have gotten solid intel that says the DHS/ FEMA boys have been buying/ leasing/ renting non-descript storage warehouses for pre-locating arms, ammo, supplies, etc in the suburban industrial areas of all of the major cities in preparation for their gun confiscation push when the time comes.

To all of the Militias:


Your mission — whether you want to accept it or not, really — is to run your own local intel ops to determine exactly where these storage warehouses are located, what their security consists of, and the contents if possible.  When TSHTF, we are all going to need supplies, ammo, and replacement/ additional arms —why not have the intel so that we can simply take it from the “enemy” when the time comes if we need it.


Look for the obvious indicators — high-tech CCTV systems, razor/ concertina wire barricades (not just regular barbed wire, although it’s a possibility), physical presence of “contractors” and/ or governmental security forces on roofs, that kind of stuff.  They will probably try to keep security low-key, but you can only hide so much — and the vets in your outfits will know what to look for.  Be real suspicious of the warehouse that has “Available” signs all over it, but has trucks coming and going all day and/ or night — if it is an empty warehouse, what are the trucks taking in?swordfish-hacking

If you have a good computer guy who is good at ferreting out property records & such, try to find any warehouse-type real estate that is owned by any federal government agency in a suburban or industrial area — they may try to hide ownership by deeding it under local municipal ownership.

Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box — after all, these people have been thinking outside of the box for many years now, ever since this “coup” against the American people was conceived.  They are good at it — we need to be better, people!

While you’re at it, you will also want to keep your eyes open for empty secure-type facilities that can be used for holding or interment facilities for captured patriots — these men and women can and will be an excellent source of additional/ reinforcement troops for your outfit.  I guarantee you that, once people are locked up for something that they THOUGHT they had a right to, they will be more than willing to fight alongside the patriots who free them.


Most of all, though, don’t become a casualty or prisoner yourself.  If you have a “Federal Firearms License”, or have served in any of the recent conflicts (Desert Storm 1 or 2, Iraqi Freedom, etc), or have ended up on some “No Fly” list because of your political views (like I have), you will no doubt be first on the list.  Oh, I know… “from my cold, dead hands”… but be realistic about this.  When they come for those of us on the “A” list, they will come in on us fast & hard, and many won’t even be able to get to those guns.  But the word will spread like wildfire when that happens — as long as you guys & gals have set up your call lists properly.


If you get solid, verified intel that TSHTF, don’t wait — not even 5 minutes, because you’re most likely next.  Grab your BOB & weapons, and get the hell out of there.


Look at it this way — if THEY believe you to be so dangerous that you make the “A” list, imagine how valuable you will be to the resistance as a free man or woman?

Stay safe, Patriots, and do your homework — this homework will mean the difference between a life of slavery, and a re-birth of our Constitution.



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