The Argument For Expulsion Of Islam From America

There are fundamental differences between the people from all nations who immigrated to America — different eras and different peoples… and very different intentions.

Immigrants_Behold_the_Statue_of_LibertyThe immigrants who came to America prior to about 1970, from virtually every nation on earth, came here because it WAS America — the Land of the Free, the Home of the Brave, and the wonderful land of opportunity.  If you worked hard and lived a good life, you could become absolutely anything you wanted to be.  They came to America, proudly learned English, and actually BECAME Americans.  They built America through hard work, determination, and a sense of morals.

1WMLjThe immigrants who came to America during the 1970’s, 1980’s and 1990’s were more of a hodge-podge.  The immigrants from the European and Communist countries still seemed to assimilate well, but then there were others — mainly from Viet Nam and Mexico — who didn’t; these immigrants, in large part, tended to establish small enclaves where they spoke their native languages and made only a token attempt at assimilation into the American landscape.  There were exceptions, but by and large, this was the rule.

Illegal-ImmigrationRecently, ever since the turn of the century, we here in America have seen a shift in the immigrant population — a decidedly negative shift.  Increasingly, immigrants from many nations have made no attempt to assimilate and become a part of the fabric of America.  The Mexican immigrants have virtually given up on coming to this country legally — the number of illegal Mexican immigrants outnumber the legal variety by a ratio of 15 or more to 1.  They refuse to assimilate at all — many, if not most, refuse to speak English; these “immigrants”, where ever they end up at in America, tend to form their own communities where only Spanish is spoken and the scent of chili, beans and other decidedly Mexican foods is the only smell in the “barrio”.

Ggroup of interdenominational religious leaders and their supporters gather outside Islamic Center of America mosque to rally for peace in Dearborn, MichiganThe other problematic group are the immigrants from the Muslim, or Islamic, nations.  These immigrants virtually completely refuse to assimilate into the American culture, forming large tight-knit communities in most American cities.  While most of them learn functional English, they only utilize our language when speaking to an American.  These immigrants also refuse to observe the American system of laws, observing instead their own “Shariah” system of (for want of a better word) “jurisprudence”.

This last group of immigrants pose the most danger to the American way of life.

Hassan NasrallahEven though these immigrants claim to be peaceful, even a cursory study of their so-called “Holy” literature quickly proves that — at the proper time — they are anything but peaceful.  These “immigrants” are, in fact, the advance contingent of a massive invasion force which is in the process of destroying our way of life and turning America into the “Caliphate” that is the goal of all Muslims and followers of “Allah”.

628x471While these immigrants claim that Islam is a religion, in reality it is anything but; Islam is ruled by the law that they call “Shariah” — a compete societal structure, codified over the centuries and interpreted by so-called “Imams” who attempt to compare themselves to the spiritual leaders of actual major religions.

The-Satanic-VersesIn reality, Islam is a cult that can only be considered Satanic; Islam, as a social structure, is bathed in blood, gore, injustice and debauchery.  The “god” that Islam worships — based upon the teachings of the Koran — bears a striking resemblance to Satan in his demands and instructions to his disciples.

Islamic Jihad militants attend the funeral of their comrade Arafat in Khan Younisislam-dominatesThe main tenet of Islam, though, is that all “Infidels” are to be killed if they refuse to submit to their Satanic “god”; an exception to this requirement exists for those “Infidels” who are willing to exist in a condition of stark slavery.  This tenet cannot be denied — their so-called “Holy” men have been teaching this for centuries; it is historically documented fact, and no amount of denial by them can refute the truth of their actions.

America has only two choices.

653034206466482420130205_muslims_pray_capitol_largeAmerica can continue to accept these immigrants at the alarming page at which they have been entering until such time as they become the majority in America.  Once that has happened, these internal enemies will — as they are currently doing in Sweden and other nations — begin violent action to completely take over these nations and turn them into Islamic Republics.

kick-a-muslim-300x270On the other hand, America can wake up now and evict these enemies — by deadly force if necessary — before they become so numerous that they have the upper hand.

But it needs to be done VERY soon, because they are almost at the point of no return.