America, Globalism, and Political Parties

Restoring the American Republic

America is defined by the Constitution but every day America looks less and less like that definition. When you look at the government today all you see is graft and corruption, cowardice and fear, complicity and sedition, an evil pragmatism that compromises with the worst kind of evil.

The United States of America became the most innovative and productive republic the world has ever known because our founders had the vision and foresight to trust the desire in man to provide for his own family, pursue his dreams, and live in liberty. America was prosperous because government stayed out of the people’s way and the result was spectacular; so much so that despotic regimes considered us a grave threat to the power and control they exercised over their own people and economies.

Many of those nations, including Britain, have worked behind the scenes on the world stage to attack the…

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