Oath Keepers vs Militias — No One Wins…

As I sit here reading the latest installment in the great “Oath Keepers vs Militias” soap opera, (available at http://oathkeepers.org/oath/2014/04/29/bundy-ranch-advisory-for-april-29-2014/ ) I simply cannot sit here and be quiet.

Lets start with the established and indisputable facts:

1) Oath Keepers leadership became observably “lukewarm” to the Bundy Ranch cause following the out-of-context repetition of Cliven Bundy’s comments — this was something that was readily observable by anyone who was paying attention to comments made by Stewart Rhodes and other Oath Keeper leadership immediately after airing of the New York Times “hit piece”.

2) Oath Keepers were the ones who publicized the “intel” regarding a drone strike supposedly being authorized by rogue AG Holder — an action which any moderately intelligent American knew would never happen. Such an action by the Obama Administration would have set off immediate and complete revolt by not just the Militia units, but by any and all “anti-government” organizations in the nation — and would have resulted in the complete destruction of American society. So, anyone with half a brain should have known at first hearing that the intel was bogus.

3) Oath Keepers chose to evacuate their forces from the Bundy Ranch based on this un-vetted, unfounded, and ludicrous “intel” without so much as a “fair thee well”. In a time of war, such an action would be considered as Cowardice and Desertion and would be un-forgivable.

4) On April 25th, Stewart Rhodes went on the air with Chuck “Smithfix” Smith in a YouTube video, entitled “Will They Drone the Bundy Ranch 42514” (Available at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B2poTb9yBHs ) and, at the 3:45 minute mark, declared that the Oath Keepers had not left the Bundy Ranch and that, indeed, Stewart himself was still at the Ranch. This was a demonstrable and proven lie, as Oath Keeper forces had already left the Ranch — only a few individual Oath Keepers who did not agree with that order remained on site in defiance of Stewart’s orders.

5) In the blog post referenced above, the statement was made, “The militias are being unruly about it, and somewhat rude, assuming that the word “rude” includes threatening to shoot Stewart or his officers in the back “for desertion” – if you can believe that. Some of the alleged militia leaders are threatening to accost Oath Keepers’ leadership if leadership step foot on the Bundy Ranch. That is fairly rude, but that has actually been said.” — this is absolutely untrue. The YouTube video they refer to (available at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DdgNJbBnMk ) and is a recording of a leadership meeting between the militias to determine exactly how to react to the Oath Keepers leaving the AO in such a manner. While there were some general comments made about the proper action when confronted with desertion on the battlefield, no threats were made against either Stewart Rhodes or any other Oath Keeper member. For the writer of the Oath Keeper blog post to claim that there were does nothing but to bring himself down to the same level as the New York Times — taking statements out of context in order to “prove” his false and invalid argument.

6) In the post referenced above, the writer states, “A typical FBI psy-op would plant “leaders” in every militia they could infiltrate. What those sorts of FBI agents or surrogates do is always “handled”.” He then goes on to make some disparaging comments against Ryan Payne, one of the militia leaders, as well as making yet another claim that militia leaders threatened Oath Keeper leadership. Again, I have viewed the video in question, and I failed to hear any such threat. The thing that he should remember, though, is that the militias are not the only organizations who can be infiltrated — in fact, due to it’s primary membership composition (“Active and retired law enforcement”), I submit that such an infiltration would be much easier to accomplish against Oath Keepers. So “Pot” — stop calling the “Kettle” black.

OK — enough with the facts, which seem to be pretty one-sided when you look at them. My concern is more that the two organizations work out their differences without further public dramatics, bickering, name-calling, and back-stabbing.

You are ALL claiming to be Patriots, and have publicly expressed an interest and willingness to continue supporting the Bundy Ranch cause. And you simply cannot do that as long as you are at each others throats.

Grow up, man up, stand up, and stop this bullshit — it isn’t helping the Bundys, America, or the American people. And in my humble opinion, the side who cannot do that — and get back on mission — is the root of the problem.

Simple as that.


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